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BELMO Was Here!

This one was just straight crazy guys! Seriously, you're never going to believe how this incredible interview came to be.

So, jump in the way-back machine with us to May 2021. The Infamous family takes a trip to Arizona to visit the Regimbal family. For those of you unfamiliar (and shame on you) Allen Regimbal is an actor who served with Infamous in the Army back in the early 2000's and they have remained friends ever since.

So we drive out and they fly out and we meet in Arizona to stay at a house for a four day weekend. Even though it was hotter than sweaty balls, it was a truly special trip where our families were really able to bond.

One quick thing that did get bonded over was Allen's sweatshirt.

Infamous instantly fell in love with the Belmo PROVE THEM WRONG hoodie that Allen was wearing. He had no idea it was the sweatshirt and statement of the world's greatest bowler, a one Jason Belmonte. It was a limited drop hoodie that the 25-time PBA champion sold on his website, and when they were gone (which by this time was long gone) they were gone.

The night of drinks continued and as Infamous built up some of that good ole liquid courage, he thought "I should just message Belmo and ask about getting the hoodie."

By the time Arizona was done, Allen was unwilling to part ways with it and Infamous was left with was an empty whole where his desire for the PROVE THEM WRONG hoodie was living.

Fast forward several months, to one fatefull drive home in the middle of the work week. Infamous' phone chimes and there it is. Jason Belmonte himself and his responded to Infamous' Instagram inquiry about this hoodie.

Unfortunately, Belmo quickly confirmed that Infamous lost out on this hoodie, however, a new hoodie was coming. This led to some quick and polite banter between the two in which Infamous proposed that Belmo come onto the podcast to discuss his legendary career.

With no hesitation, Belmo agreed. And 48 hours later, Infamous, Allen and the incredible director of Bonejangles, Mr. Brett DeJager now of Ramble Provisions, were on a zoom call with the renowned Belmonte.

It was an incredibly fun episode where four dads really just got to bro down on life as a father in this crazy world.

Big thanks to Jason Belmonte for being such a cool human being and willing to join us and to Allen and Brett, whos true love and adoration for Belmo lead to the entire thing being a reality.

The episode is available everywhere on Friday Sept 6 2021.

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