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Well hello there boys and girls and welcome to 2021!

I know that the world is operating on the whole "fuck 2020" and "2021 is going to be better" philosophy but we know that our listeners are smarter than that.

Be smarter than it, okay. Be realistic. Don't set inaccurate and unattainable expectations for your family.

NO, 2021 will not bring back "normal." Life is changing and will continue to change and you need to embrace it, find the silver linings, grow and evolve. Or get out of the way.

What do we have in store for you? A lot!

First of all, as you all know we made great efforts to cover the positives of COVID and the ways we all grew as people through the last year. With that, we relaunched four podcast series and grew to the largest independent podcast production company/family in Ventura County, and one of the largest in So-Cal! And yes, we are very proud of that.

But, with that growth comes new fruit! I am so excited to announce that Discussing Depression with Casey Moran is officially returning! This show hasn't recorded in over two years but has remained the second most listened to show in the Infamous Podcast Universe, to this day!

If you aren't familiar with it, it's a great show by our old co-host Casey Moran about depression and mental health!

In addition to this, Julio from Murder of Nerds and Atif Myers are creating their own spinoff show that will begin in either January or February of 2021!

Plus, us at TIC have a great lineup for January so stay tuned and Happy New Year!

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