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Invasion of Sterics and Moms!

Today's new episode featured some really fun and exciting guests. Mrs. Infamous and I had been discussing a way for her sister-show MATERNAL INSTINCTS to join forces with our show to not only create something cool and fun but to help promote their new podcast.

A friend of mine for over 15 years, Stephen Steric, reached out to me about the podcast and how he wanted to do one on being a Dad during COVID. Stephen and I have started together in sales back in 2004 and have remained friends. He is an entrepreneur in Southern California and part-owner of a local construction and design company. I thought to myself, wow this would be an awesome way to have a deep and engaging conversation about fatherhood with a friend whom I deeply admire and respect, what could go wrong?

So, step one was Stephen, and he's booked to the show. Step two was his incredible wife Alex. Now, Alex Steric is an LCSW also in the Southern California area. She is one of the most compassionate and yet driven and focused women I have ever met. What Alex Steric wants, Alex Steric goes out and gets! Yeah, she's like that, and it's awesome. Stephen and I thought she would be perfect for our sister show, Maternal Instincts.

As mentioned above, the wife and I were already figuring a way to partner our shows up and Alex was the perfect way to do this organically and internationally. So the stage was set: Alex would join Mrs. Infamous and Firefox on their show Maternal Instincts to dive into the mom side of her practice and parenting during the pandemic, and then afterward the ladies would join Stephen and me on this show.

I am thrilled to share that my friends crushed it! If you haven't listened to Alex's episode of Maternal Instincts, go now.

It is an absolute blast to be able to do these things. I have had the fortune of taking this podcast, which started on the dining room table of a tiny townhouse and taking it as far as it is. This came with the ability to sit down with some incredibly talented celebrity guests and I am grateful for each and every one of those interviews. That being said, however, it's these rare treats that are truly special reminders of how important his show is to me and what it can accomplish.

Sitting in the Infamousworks studio while recording this episode, I am looking around the room and couldn't help but get a little gitty inside. Here I am with my wife, who now has her own podcast show with my friend and one of the founding co-hosts of this show: Firefox, my friends for over 15 years in Stephen and Alex Steric, and we are all talking about parenting and living our best lives.

It was pretty special.

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