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Our Merch Store is LIVE!

At long last, The Infamous Chronicles merch line is finally launching Saturday Nov 14!

This has been a passion project building for a long time. We designed everything internally with our marketing firm Infamousworks.

We put our blood sweat and tears into these products and are very proud of how they turned out. Even our logo designer, Colin Foster (aka Jester) gave overwhelming praise that the products had a strong urban feel to them and he would see them being in Tilly's or Urban Outfitters.

It was important to us to launch a brand of clothing that visually looked the way we feel our podcast sounds. How does that make any sense? Well, let me explain.

The goal of The Infamous Chronicles podcast has always been vulnerability and transparency. From the very beginning of our show, we made sure that all of the hosts and all of our guests were willing to be true on the mic. We didn't want to present fake and shiny versions of ourselves or our guests. We wanted to make sure that listeners could benefit from the message, get to know who we really are and relate to the testimonies. Shit, our motto for the show is ILLICIT A RESPONSE. Everything we do is about spreading a message of honesty, strength, intelligence, empowerment and transparency. Basically, BE YOURSELF.

With the clothing, we wanted to make that same statement. We wanted to empower men, women, children and even pets, to make a bold statement.


n addition to our main line, we are also extremely proud to announce our US line. The slogan for the US line is simple: Be part of the Solution, not the Problem.

The Infamous Chronicles US line is meant to unite us as a people of this Earth. We have all had an incredibly rough year. Pandemics, finances, racism, rioting and protests, campaigns, social media...just noise that is deafening. We seemed to forget that we on this planet are an US, not an I.

The US line consists of a loud message: HIM/HER/THEM/US! We scream this message loud and clear on every product in this line and can't wait to see you out in the world sharing this statement.

Please check out the entire Infamous Chronicles merch line now and send us your photos of you rockin the gear @infamouschronicles on Instragram.

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