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Thanksgiving With The Infamousworks Podcast Family

Come January of 2021, I have been doing The Infamous Chronicles podcast and running Infamousworks for 9 years. WHICH IS CRAZY!

It blows my mind every time I say that number out loud. It's been a hell of a ride that's for sure. Do you know the whole story? No? Well then strap in boys and girls because we are taking a blast to the past.


In November of 2012, I was a brand new Dad and wrapping up my second novel, Topics Too. And to be clear, when I saw "new Dad", I mean that I had been a Dad for about a week. As a new parent, and as someone who has suffered from horrible insomnia as a result of PTSD from my time in the Army, I wasn't getting much sleep. Enter, my friend Maestro for the win.

A close friend of mine and the editor of my book came along with an idea that changed my life forever. I was looking for a way to market my book within the confines of a minuscule budget, as well as something to do one those long nights. My friend, who adopted the name Maestro on the podcast, suggested that I look into doing a podcast as a way to accomplish both. He was doing a music series for several years and had really enjoyed it, so I thought about it. The more I thought about it, the more I looked into it and the more I looked into it I realized it fit very nicely in my wheelhouse of expertise and could be a good option. Thus, The Infamous Chronicles was born and released our first episode on Jan 21 2013.


For the first three episodes of the show, it was just me. IT WAS AWFUL! Oh man, trust me when I say those were not good episodes. But, they were necessary. I very quickly realized I needed some co-hosts and quickly drafted Oggy Rox and Maestro into the show as the trio of hosts.

This trio only lasted about the first fifteen episodes, after which we decided to add our much needed first female hosts, Firefox. These early days of the show had some of our most grounded and intense episodes. Very raw, vulnerable and emotional testimonies. Our numbers quickly picked up steam and in late 2013 we were award "Best Independent Podcast" by


The podcast changed most dramatically with the addition of friend and stand-up comic Casey Moran.

Right out of the gate, Casey dove into his vast library of contacts he accumulated over the years via his comedy. He hit the ground running and was quickly promoted to Talent Manager for Infamousworks. He brought us, such great guests, as Tracey Fairaway, Danielle Savre, Jonathan Lipnicki and tons of comedians.

With Casey came additional add-on hosts. Quickly, we had a roster of 12 hosts. These were the "SNL" episodes. There were so many of us it was like an episode of Saturday Night Live in that you never knew which host you were gonna get. There were four at a time and it rotated every week.

Soon Casey made the next big change in the way Infamousworks would work moving forward in that he created our first sister show - Discussing Depression.

From there, the INFAMOUSWORKS PODCAST FAMILY was born. Hosts loved what Casey had done with his show and wanted to venture off on their own hosting duties. Before you knew it, we were a production arm for Infamousworks. Over the course of the show, we built the following sister shows:

  • Discussing Depression: Hosted By Casey Moran - Currently Inactive

  • Marching Robots: Hosted by Maestro, featuring Oggy Rox and Infamous - Currently Inactive

  • Her Chronicles: Hosted by Michelle Stephenson - Currently on Hiatus

  • Laundry Day: Hosted by Jester, featuring Jaymes and Infamous - Currently Inactive

  • Nerd Chronicles: Hosted by Sean (Action Figure Junky), featuring Infamous - Turned Into Taco Truck of Destiny

  • Maternal Instincts: Hosted by Firefox, originally featuring Mrs. Infamous, Jaymes and Lou. Currently featuring Mrs. Infamous - Active

  • Taco Truck of Destiny - Hosted by Sean (Action Figure Junky), featuring Wade and Meesh - Turned into Murder of Nerds

  • Murder of Nerds - Hosted by Sean (Action Figure Junky), featuring Julio and Infamous - Active

  • Weed Wednesdays - Hosted by Drew, originally featuring RK Smiley, Jenn and John. Currently featuring Becca and B - Active

Yes, it is ALOT of work, but this family we have built as part of the Infamousworks brand speaks to exactly what we represent. Community and success.

So, now that you have the past, lets jump back to the present. Natalie Skyy and I were fortunate enough to appear as guests on The All Talk Podcast. The crew was great and we had a blast. Since she was here, we realized we had a member of each of the Infamousworks shows present at the house that day and we decided to record a podcast family Thanksgiving special.

It was a lot of fun. We capped off November by recapping our favorite Turkey Day festivities. Go ahead and give it a listen, the episode premiered across all four of our currently active shows.

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