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What the Hell is Going On?

We are in the midst of recording next week's new episode and I just had to take a break. It's so overwhelming talking about this. The world, the state of it right now, it's just so much.

Floods and tornados in the northeastern United States, floods, and hundreds of thousands of people without power in Louisiana. California and Oregon are on fire, with a fire season that now lasts over 3 months longer than last decade. Afghani civilians are desperately clinging to a miracle as their lives are being taken from them. COVID and its new variant are ravaging the world, again. You can't look in a single direction without seeing chaos.

I have really been laid out cold by this whole thing. I got lost in a pretty dark place last night and woke up to everything flooded and it DID NOT help. Don't worry, I'll be fine, I am just sharing that this is REALLY getting to me.

Fitz and I decided to have this discussion as our episode this week to get out feelings out and off our chest but to also share with our listeners that we are human and experiencing this with you.

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